Being mindful is about ‘being fully present in the moment without judgement or preference’

Most of us live our lives on a kind of ‘automatic pilot’ rushing around without fully experiencing what is happening. And the hardest part of being mindful tends to be around being able to be present without judgement or preference.

When we are mindful, we are more awake and alive to our lives rather than operating from a sort of ‘automatic pilot’ in which we can be cut off from our experience.

I like to explain mindfulness as ‘sitting on the riverbank’ – all our thoughts, emotions and feelings are the river flowing by, and normally when something happens to trigger our emotions, we ‘dive’ into the river and ride the rapids. We do this automatically…..with mindfulness, we train ourselves to sit on the riverbank and respond to situations and people rather than react.

The training involves daily meditation – this helps us ‘settle’ our minds and allows us the space to respond rather than react. It also involves training in having a kind curiosity in what triggers us, so that we can learn how to stay on the riverbank.

Why do it? Scientific research has conclusive evidence that being mindful brings many benefits:

  • helps enormously in reducing stress; people are much calmer and more peaceful
  • enhances productivity, creativity, decision-making and strategic thinking
  • helps develop much improved relationships through listening to self and others
  • through greater awareness and compassion leads to enhanced resilience

I have been practicing mindfulness since July 2010, and I noticed enormous benefits; I am much calmer, more relaxed and at peace with myself.

At Space, I would like to share those benefits with others …

Mind full or mindful